5 things every girl wished a guy knew


Dating is hard. Even for the most experienced daters out there (the men and women who are dating pretty much every night of the week), dating is a difficult practice that is almost impossible to master. Why? Because no two people are the same, which means no two dates are the same. If only we were all mind-readers, then perhaps the dating game would be a little easier, but unfortunately we’re not.


However, luckily for you, you’ve found Ciao, and we’ve found women who are more than willing to share their secrets to help you guys out. So, if you’re breaking a sweat over that second date you’ve got lined up, or feeling a tad nervous about finally asking out the girl you reckon is the love of your life, here’s what you should know before diving in…


 Honesty is the ONLY Policy

If you want to get anywhere with a woman, you’re going to have to be as honest with her as you are with your priest. She needs to know everything, so although you might think a little fib here and a little white lie there will win you brownie points/get you off the hook, you are horribly mistaken - and more often than not, the smallest of lies are considered the worst. Oh, and keeping secrets is as bad as cheating.




















Being asked out is flattering

No matter who you are, what you look like, how old you are or what you do for a living, girls are always flattered when you ask them out and it does wonders for their confidence. Even if you think she’s out of your league, just take the plunge. The worst she could do is say no, but know that even if she does, you’ve still made her day.


Dessert is a must

Women always want dessert, but they don’t want you to ask them if they want dessert. They want you to want dessert and then encourage them to have dessert. Are you following? If you ask them if they want dessert they’ll say no, but if you say you’re having it and “convince” them to have it, you’ll both have dessert and everyone will be happy. Just make sure you get dessert, ok?



















 Compliments work

Whether she’s overly confident or endearingly modest, you can never compliment her enough. Even if she cringes when you tell her she looks great, or argues with you that she doesn’t, keep the compliments coming. They don’t go forgotten and they’ll make her feel great when she’s with you - who doesn’t love feeling great?


Chivalry is Key

Even the most independent woman (even Beyonce) likes being taken care of, despite what she might say. Always call or text first, always open the door for them, always pull their chair out, always walk them home, always offer your arm, always hold the umbrella, always pay on the first date - and don’t forget, always order dessert.



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